10 college dating tips

It can be easy to fall into a relationship with the wrong person out of convenience, but do NOT get serious unless you are positive that is what you BOTH are looking for. Casual relationships are perfect if you can’t (or do not want to) devote a large amount of time to one individual. You may feel the need to change yourself to be in a relationship with a person, but if this is the case you need to BACK OUT!Thousands of people around you are single, there is more than one that will accept you for who you are.You will both change significantly throughout college, and along the way, don’t be surprised when your high school sweetheart is a completely different person.Unless you are heavily invested, there is no need to be in a long distance relationship.You will save yourself a headache or two if you are honest with your intentions.

If you want to just hook up, feel free (USE PROTECTION), but if you aren’t looking for that be up front about it.We have great tips for owning your college hookups.Keep reading for 10 tips to help you have some of the best sex possible as a college student.” Ask whether she likes to study or what group she is from. At the end of the conversation, ask her phone number. From the very beginning of dating, be honest with yourself and a girl. If you don’t plan to have a serious relationship, just say so, and you can stay good friends.

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I know it can be hard to tell someone you are no longer interested, but it is unfair to both of you if you stay in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy.

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