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Did you know that you burn about 200 calories during 30 minutes of rough sex?

Or, did you know that more than 50% of people in the U. Well, just as those sexual facts sparked your interest, advertisers often use sex in the media, as well, to spark the interest of many of their potential customers.

This, essentially, is the message that this Puma advertisement is screaming.

In Puma’s ad, every detail targets a specific audience that they want their product to attract.

“They want to hide; we need to find them,” said Robert Rodriguez of the U. Marshals Service, who is coordinating Operation Shepherd 2009.Based on these statistics, it is safe to say that advertising does, in fact, play a major role in the lives of the targeted consumers; however, the use of sex will negatively influence many young adults’ lives. Sex in the media is great for selling products, but is it worth the long-term effects that it dictates to society? Many companies based their advertisements around the “perfect” family and the roles that women played in them.An ad from the cookbook To the Bride, reads: The way to a man's heart, so we've always been told, is a good working knowledge of pot, pan, and mold.

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Rachel Devlin, an associate professor at Tulane University says, “Advertisements, teen films, and music videos churn out an inescapable barrage of sexually provocative images of teenage girls.

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