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Eagle Project Completed - I went on this sub asking for donations a while back and am glad to report that I have officially completed my Eagle Project!

Thank you to donors who helped me build 300 kits as well as hundreds of extra supplies!

Logarzo once told the Lifted Brow she was not worried about revealing her sexuality because, ‘if it was going to tarnish my image then it’s not the image I want because I’m not telling the truth’.That I was able to be recognized as both gay and an athlete was the self-esteem I needed to fully come out. Waddell showed the world that gay people aren’t just drag queens but we are also runners, swimmers, wrestlers, basketball players … To honor and pay tribute to Bay Area LGBT athletes whose hard work paid dividends, I’ve compiled a list of local teams and individual medal winners below.An official complete list was not available as of this writing, but for updates and more information about the 10th Gay Games, please go to: https:// Congratulations to all of the winners and participants!While the game may appear more welcoming, there are undoubtedly soccer stars that don’t feel able to come out – with valid reasons.Some may be from homophobic countries like Cameroon and are concerned for their safety. But let’s celebrate these women who are inspiring others around the globe: Even at age 20, Lorena Benítez is considered one of the most outstanding football players in the world.

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