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What he doesn't understand, he avoids, finesses or fakes.On the job at the electronics superstore where he works, his fellow employees spend a lot of time talking about women, and he nods as if he speaks the language.The movie was directed by Judd Apatow, who produced "Anchorman," and written by Apatow and Carell, the "Daily Show" veteran who first developed the idea of a closeted virgin in a Second City skit.The screenplay is filled with small but perfect one-liners (as when Andy is advised to emulate David Caruso in "Jade").He goes to one of those dating round-robins where a buzzer goes off and you switch tables, giving the movie an opportunity to assemble a little anthology of pickup cliches. She runs a store across the mall, where you can take in your stuff and she'll sell it on e Bay.Andy knows right away that he really likes her, but he's paralyzed by shyness and fear, and the way she coaxes him into asking her out is written so well it could be in a more serious movie.But she’s not just a casual, inherited-it-from-Dad sort of fan: Each season, she competes in a fantasy league with her husband, who recently wrote a book called, yes, .

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Her task in the plot is to end Andy's virginity, but her challenge is to create a relationship we care about. The character Trish is intuitively understanding, but more importantly, she actually likes this guy.

Keener's inspiration is to have Trish see Andy not as a challenge, but as an opportunity.

In addition to working behind the scenes on the film, Rogen played Cal, a “struggling novelist” who interacts with Carell’s character and encourages him to pursue women.

Cal was a bit of a slacker and, as Rogen notes, “wore a lot of band t-shirts.” But the most noticeable thing about him was his tattoos.

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