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And what of Benjamin Davidson, her father’s former apprentice?

“We flirted on and off as we got older,” Lissie says, “but we eventually came to the conclusion that it was never meant to be.

The well-known philanthropist’s public persona speaks fiercely and passionately about the issues she cares about and runs her non-profit organization with strong, steady leadership.

“Running a business isn’t very ‘ladylike,’” she laughs, “but then, I was never much one for the trappings of ladyhood.”Although Elizabeth Cole has long since moved away Williamsburg, the two friends still keep in touch; the exchange letters and postcards regularly, and catch up whenever one of them has the time and resources to travel.

Her head for business — which, she says, she first realized she had when she found that honey tree the summer she turned ten — has stood her in good stead.

“It can get to be a bit much sometimes, all of this going on at once,” she tells me as she takes a moment out of her day to speak with me in her office, “but it’s worth it.” At least, she says, she doesn’t have to worry about anyone chronicling her life as she goes anymore; she’s free to spend her time as she wishes.

We chat over cups of chocolate — still a favorite treat of hers — watching her horses stampede their way around their paddock.

Her beloved Penny, alas, departed many years ago; Patriot, however, remains (even if he is getting up there in years — “We are none of us getting younger,” Lissie remarks), as do the results of a few successful breeding attempts with one of Felicity’s neighbor’s beasts: A pair of siblings she named Stars and Stripes. Felicity, much to her mother’s chagrin, ended up taking over her father’s store.

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