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"One of the hardest parts [was] I'm a right-hand guitar player.

I'm a horrible right-hand guitar player," says Benjamin.

Jimi Hendrix lights his guitar on fire at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival.

In fact, Jimi Hendrix's June 18, 1967 guitar burning at the Monterey Pop Festival left such a memorable impact that it was immortalized by Mc Farlane Toys in 2004 (pictured below, right). character Ida, portrayed by Ruth Negga, could possibly represent either Betty Mabry (aka Betty Davis) or groupie Devon Wilson, we have found nothing definitive to confirm this.

In a press packet for the film, actress Ruth Negga does mention director Ridley gathering information about Devon Wilson, which helped her to prepare for the role.

My initial anxiety turned to scorn for the thoroughly bad screenplay and direction.

I became bored and impatient for the end of the film. I felt that I wasn't watching an interpretation of the real events from the time, but rather a stiff and poorly depicted mashup of trivia from events described in my book, sprinkled over Ridley's racially driven fictional theme. A short-sighted and somewhat offensive portrayal of Jimi and those around him at the time.) was unable to get the rights to Hendrix-written songs from the Jimi Hendrix estate (Experience Hendrix LLC).

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