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I don’t know why, but I auditioned for the [camp] show, and got cast as the Cowardly Lion in the crazy stage mother, but my mom was the complete opposite.It was always my desire, it was always my hope, it was always my pursuit.There’s this whole thing of “be discovered and become a star.” Back then, it was never about pursuing being a star. “When I was 14, I had a one-night encounter with a slightly older kid. She was really concerned about my health and wellbeing.

Then a couple years later, when I went to NYU, where I was only for one semester, I had my first real boyfriend.Playing Brad, he notes, was a “really, really intimate and vulnerable” experience.“Anthony’s got an incredibly expressive face,” Young enthuses.I really came out to her then, and we had the much more direct conversation about what it all meant. He’s also committed to talking about bisexuality, and bisexual invisibility. It’s a really valid and interesting thing to continue to talk about.RAPP: It’s not that I didn’t want the identification, it’s that I do believe in the spectrum, and at the time, especially when I was having those interviews, it felt a little strange to me. I don’t really care anymore about labels, per se, but I think it’s interesting to talk about the whole spectrum of the experiences. I know that a lot of people say that bisexuality is the shortcut to then coming out fully as gay. There’s an actor, Andy Mientus, who’s a friend of mine. MW: RAPP: It was a cool thing at the time that I celebrated — which was that I was queer playing straight and the straight actors were playing queer. The only status thing that’s really talked about at any length is HIV status.

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