Aquarius male dating pisces female

When an Aquarius and Pisces come together there will be no end to the wonders and marvels they might conceive and create together.

When both of them come together, it's a case of compassion and creation.

Whenever Aquarius comes up with a new idea, as they always do, Pisces is eager to understand from an intuitive level, and she will be happy to stand by his side till he pops up with another new idea.Saturn gives this relationship the drive to act on these ideas and the ability to organize the details that will animate them.Jupiter is about philosophy, teaching, and understanding, and Neptune focuses on spirituality, so Pisces likes to truly understand new and exciting things, such as their partner.Pisces likes to be where Aquarius' action and intellect stirs, and Aquarius can learn social tolerance and warmth from the demure Pisces.Conflicts may arise because of her need for emotional support and tenderness, and his preference for ideas rather than romance.

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