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Upon discovering her pregnancy, Quinn convinces Finn that he is the father, despite the fact that they never actually had a sexual encounter.

Quinn claims that due to his premature ejaculation problem, and during their time in a hot-tub, Finn had ejaculated in the tub and Quinn had received the sperm.

Quinn cheats on Sam with Finn, and Sam dumps Quinn after she lies to him about her time with Finn.

She and Finn reunite, and Quinn starts campaigning for junior prom king and queen elections.

Finn later breaks up with Quinn when he realizes he has a deeper connection with Rachel.

At the start of her senior year, Quinn has completely reinvented herself and refuses to rejoin either the Cheerios or New Directions, although when New Directions performs "You Can't Stop The Beat" in the auditorium Quinn can be seen watching them with a conflicted look on her face.

Over the course of the first season, her character matures and builds friendships with the other outcasts who make up the glee club.Puck again offers to support her, but she turns him down and tells him that she wants to handle the pregnancy by herself.When Sue forces Quinn, Santana and Brittany to choose between cheerleading and the glee club, all three initially go with the Cheerios to retain their popularity, but are later convinced by Finn to defect to New Directions.The real father is Finn's best friend Puck (Mark Salling), who offers to support Quinn and the baby, but is rejected for his irresponsibility.Finn learns the truth about the baby's paternity from Rachel, and breaks up with Quinn.

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Quinn decides not to reveal Shelby's secret for Beth's sake.

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