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It costs approximately ,000 per month to feed and care for the animals here at Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary.

Once you've figured out the basics of how to tame a dino and build a base, ARK: Survival Evolved is a lot more fun when played with friends.

Unlike the environments that were sent up into space, Humans and Creatures can freely enter and leave the Proto-ARKs.

When entering or leaving, a de-materialization effect will occur.

If your needs go beyond the standard 200 player slots, perhaps you need total flexibility in creating a specific server from scratch, or you're interested in monetizing your server, then renting a VPS or an entire dedicated game server are also options.

But in exchange for the massive boost in resources, you'll get less customer support.

Joining a tribe and taking on the other players on an unofficial Pv P server can be both exhilarating and frustrating.

With over 1,500 animals, you can imagine that our veterinary costs and food costs run high.

It also means your friends can only play whenever you're in the game.

Another option is to set up a dedicated server on your own machine and play on the same computer or a spare PC you have laying around, but that can often result in poor performance and hurt gameplay.

Initially, we'll go over the choices you face when buying a server, and the first thing you need to choose is....

It might seem obvious, but the first step in choosing an ARK server host is to find a company that offers game hosting on the platform you play ARK on.

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