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Hotwife Cherie Deville has bee unhappy with her marriage for quite some time.

Her snivelling husband is a poor excuse for a man, always trying to be the "nice guy" and cater to her every need.

Based on a lot of the shit he tries to “explain” to me, I would also say I am much better off being an emotional thinker.

Admittedly, I don’t spend a lot of time reading magazines, but when I do they tend to be health and beauty, or fashion related.

Anyway, the Hotwife needs to meet men socially in order to know if there is enough chemistry that she is willing to date him knowing that the object of the date is sex. The Chili’s Game is explained fully on my website at Alexis Mc

She needs to meet men socially to figure out if there is any sexual chemistry for a more personal physical connection, if you know what I mean. Not only that, but the more experience she gets being open minded, the better her results will be.

That’s about as straightforward as I can say it, because even though some soccer mom Hotwives can meet a guy in a club on girl’s night out and end up with him in the Ladies room with her panties on the floor and her ass in a lavatory sink having sex with a guy she has only known for thirty minutes that she danced with a few times, there WAS chemistry. That’s because the better her results are, the more open minded she will become.

Just as she's about to stuff his BBC in her mouth, Cherie's husband returns home and catches them in bed.

Cherie Deville is so close to finding sexual fulfillment that she makes her husband watch as Jovan Jordan fucks her in their marital bed.

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