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I was intensely concentrating on the work, as my mind was really drifting and getting lost in the thoughts of meeting her.She came somewhere around half past 8 and my heart was pounding and weighing heavily ‘cos I was meeting a dear friend for the first time, whom I have seen only online and spoke only over the phone and chat.This, in a couple of chat sessions itself gained a lot of respect for her and that marked the end of my approaches as well; but we used to chat for hours on end.

I was in a blue Jean and a pale white shirt and couldn’t really say that I was dressed to the occasion.I offered her a cool drink and we embraced each other, a warm pleasantry greeting exchange.We sat and started chatting for some time and she was sitting opposite to me in the couch, crossing her legs and revealing the cleavage as her blouse couldn’t hold those awesome assets and the sari going around her waist revealing a good portion of her smooth stomach.As and when the bell chimed, I moved to the door and turned the knob with a trembling hand and let her in and closed the door behind.She was really looking gorgeous, not the fairest of the lot, but she was fair enough and was wearing a Maroon chiffon Sari which was really hugging her.

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She was just adorable in her dress and seeing her I was lost and couldn’t even greet her properly.

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