Best dating movies of 2016s

Yet that’s not what Eastwood actually presents in the movie; there’s little or nothing in the way of Trump’s personality or actions in the movie’s protagonist, but rather a great deal of Hillary Clinton’s character.

This paradox shows that Eastwood-the-filmmaker is far greater and more important than Eastwood-the-talker—and that the essence of the art of cinema is for movies to surpass and even defy filmmakers’ intentions.

In all likelihood, neither film will get a regular theatrical release this year or ever—yet, by way of their streaming platforms, they’re available to far more viewers nationally than would ever be likely to catch them in a New York theatrical release.“Sully” proved to be very popular, and very successful; it didn’t change the political landscape at all.That’s one reason that the usual run of overtly political movies, in which the liberal consensus finds itself reflected back upon itself with confident self-satisfaction, strikes me as both an aesthetic regression and a political frivolity.Although there are still plenty of good movies produced by the studios, even at the most overtly commercial levels (“Pete’s Dragon,” “Doctor Strange,” and “Ant-Man,” for instance, are delights), and although, conversely, the mere fact of working independently on a low budget is no guarantee of artistic quality, there are many more boldly conceived and originally realized films emerging from the independent scene than from Hollywood. My list for the best films of the year has hardly any Hollywood movies on it.I’m not sure exactly how to define the term, but I have maybe four or five major-studio releases out of thirty-five selections.

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