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Don’t let our easy going ways fool you in the slightest. Remember, we’ve been in this industry for a long time.

We take our work very seriously and your loyalty means everything to us. You don’t stick around for as long as we have by lying to people.

The performers make money in this instance by asking their viewers to give them tips.

Many will not perform an explicit public show unless they’ve received a certain number of tips.

That type of experience isn’t available on all sites.

Read our reviews and use them to help determine which site is best for the experience that you’re looking for.

The maximum speed during this time was a whopping 56k.

You’ll need to take a performer into private if you want a one on one experience.

This means the live stream a viewer sees is as good, or possibly better than, recorded videos watched online.

This means two people can connect from anywhere in the world and the video quality will be exactly the same as it would be if they were neighbors. The future will only be limited by the imaginations of those who proceed further.

Eventually the live show experience that everyone enjoys today became possible.

Shows featuring high resolution and large screens are now common place.

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That doesn’t mean people weren’t just as excited then by live performances as they are now.

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