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He wants to take it slow, but we’ve only had a few brief goodnight kisses after dates, nothing more.I can feel myself getting emotionally invested in him, and I think physical chemistry is important in a relationship, so I would like to take things in that direction to see what it’s like.First one sounds a bit try hard, I guess some straight guys are like that though. My girlfriend isn't bi, but she does sometimes find girls attractive (maybe she's on the scale, however you define sexuality, but I really doubt she'd ever date or even shag a girl), and I love it when she points out a sexy girl.

I have some anxiety anyway so I’m not sure if I’m overthinking this, and I don’t want to come across as needy, but I don’t want to get attached if he isn’t interested.There’s an ironic – and, I believe, stifling – trend in modern dating to go out with someone repeatedly, even have sex with them, but steadfastly refuse to admit that you may actually like them.A disturbingly common view permeating the dating scene is that openly expressing enthusiasm, feelings or attachment is somehow uncool, weak and “needy” state.However, five dates do entitle you to initiate a conversation around expectations, and I’d encourage you to do this.You met on a dating site, so the intention of dating has already been established since the get-go – the conversation now must be how you both see your connection progressing. After five dates, you’ve likely swapped insights into your favourite pop culture phenomena, shared a bit about your friends and family, and begun to notice and appreciate the small things that make someone unique – their sense of humour, their quirks, their communication style.

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