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Even as the movie escalates into full-blown wackiness, it still maintains its shrewd edge.Another strength to this film are the secondary characters.Introduced as a deaf mute man, he must fight to hold his cover as the nuns try to resist temptation.An inner-city high school teacher discovers she is pregnant at the same time as one of her most promising students and the two develop an unlikely friendship while struggling to navigate their unexpected pregnancies.Written and directed by Jeff Baena and featuring an ensemble cast of ...See full summary » A grown man caught in the crossfire of his parents' 15-year divorce discovers he was unknowingly part of a study on divorced children and is enlisted in a follow-up years later, which wreaks new havoc on his family.Kudos to writer/director Sophie Goodhart for opting against a "when bad things happen to good people" script and instead going with "when good things happen to bad people." Goodhart's two, guilty, self-loathing characters are amazingly charming and lovable.Robbie makes a wonderfully heroic antagonist, whose capability and determination we slowly come to dislike more and more as the story unfolds.

In their attempt to help Joshy deal with the recent turn of events, the guys turn the getaway into a raucous weekend filled with drugs, booze, debauchery, and hot tubs.Robbie has to decide whether to put his own emotions above his brother or to be the bigger man."I'm a superficial narcissist" "I'm lazy and judgmental."This is how the two romantic leads in "My Blind Brother" introduce themselves to each other, and I fell in love with them both immediately.A tragedy presents Laurel with the chance to reinvent herself as her idolized twin sister, Audrey.As she eases into the life she has always wanted, she must decide between continuing the lie or revealing herself as the perfect fraud.

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Bill is guilt-ridden because Robbie's blindness was the result of a childhood accident in which he was involved.

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