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If you're into the bar/music scene there's a row of bars/clubs starting at the corner of W Market St. where alot of college students & 20 somethings hang out.There's also another row starting at W Washington & N Main & some others scattered across Normal.Description of the video:”Fulfilling the promise” appears.A camera pans across the clock tower of the Student Building against a blue sky and green leaves.

As far as things to do, while not having endless options like Chicago, if you look around there is a fair amount to do in B-N.There used to be one in Bloomington called the Castle Theater, but I'm not sure it's still open.B-N seems to be the restaurant capital of the world, so there's just a plethora of places to eat.Showalter Fountain sprays water with green leaves in the foreground and trees in the background.The IU football team runs onto the field past Hep’s Rock, touching it as they pass. A pack of Little 500 bicycle riders rounds a curve on the track.

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  1. Out for coffee I believe there should be no arbitrary date set for withdrawal and yet no permanent, unending deployment. I'm like your niece, and nobody wants to date their niece. The whole reason people voted for me on American Idol is because I'm an everyday, normal girl. If you think back to the first sporting event you went to, you don't remember the score, you don't remember a home run, you don't remember a dunk. Were you with your mom, your dad, your brother, on a date?