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abrasion-resistant non-melting “Technical Textiles” liners The jeans are claimed to be tested to meet CE Level 1 for the SR6 jeans.

The SR6 jeans in this review (tested to a minimum of 6 seconds of abrasion resistance) include the Sidewinder; the Federal Red jeans and also the SR6 Bull-it Cargo Sahara jeans.

And they even gave it a name, The French Protocol, to add more confusion. The Bull-it jeans have potentially good protection without the drawbacks of Kevlar or other types of aramids.The admittedly-thick Covec liner will not melt, like many other fabrics used as liners, including some implementations of Kevlar, which is sometimes combined with synthetic yarns like nylon, which can melt.I actually had no idea that Kevlar was sometimes blended with other fibers in motorcycle riding gear; this is done for comfort and because apparently Kevlar can degrade over time, especially when the garment is washed.They find it to be a remarkable material that has benefitted many other industries.They do feel, however, that it may simply not be the best material for use as an abrasion- and heat-resistant liner in motorcycle clothing. A typical set of motorcycle leathers is 1.4 mil thick.

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