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Checks whether the current node is a content (non-white space text, CDATA, Element, End Element, Entity Reference, or End Entity) node.

If the node is not a content node, the reader skips ahead to the next content node or end of file.

The Xml Parser Context in which the XML fragment is to be parsed.

This includes the Xml Name Table to use, encoding, namespace scope, the current xml:lang and the xml:space scope.

The base URI tells you where these nodes came from.

If there is no base URI for the nodes being returned (for example, they were parsed from an in-memory string), String. When any external reference is read (such as expanding an entity in a DTD file or reading a schema file) the encoding property is set to the encoding value of the external reference.

Write-only Sets the Xml Resolver used for resolving external DTD and schema location references.

If this reader will be validating using XML-Data Reduced (XDR) or XML Schema definition language (XSD) schemas, use the Xml Validating Reader.

When external DTDs or schemas are needed for validation the Xml Validating Reader.

Xml Resolver property sets the Xml Resolver object to use for resolving external resources.

The following table lists valid values for frag Type and how the reader parses each of the different node types. Auto) the Xml Parser Context specified in the constructor must supply all the necessary Document Type information.

If this reader will be validating using DTD (that is, Xml Validating Reader. Note It is not possible to validate a fragment using a DTD.

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Xml Validating Reader implements the Xml Reader class and provides support for data validation. Schemas property to have the reader validate using schema files cached in an Xml Schema Collection. Validation Type property specifies what type of validation the reader should perform. To read XML data from an Xml Node, use Xml Node Reader.

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