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We are helping others with funding for transitional living, which is so important in the process of recovery.

We are keeping our son’s memory alive through our non profit, Tony’s STEPS Inc.

Posted 31/08/2019 Our precious son, Tony, who we love so very much passed on October 16, 2018.

If you would like to commemorate somebody, please add Tributes here.We will continue to fight this evil and WE ALL will make a difference to put an end to the stigma and to help those in need of recovery. Lori & Chuck Smith Posted 31/08/2019 Dennis, I miss you every day. As we approach another year without you, my heart aches. Sadly, he tried Meth which was mixed with Fentanyl and it killed him.We won’t give up, we couldn’t save our son but we will do everything in our power to save someone else’s child from a death due to an overdose. I write that he was on the autistic spectrum because there is a misconception that people on the spectrum do not engage in substance use.Tony has a great sense of humor, is handsome, athletic, popular and girls loved him since the tender age of 4. We never thought this could happen to “us” but sadly it did. As parents we might seem ok to everyone or look like we are going on with our lives but it’s not the case at all.We would tease him that if we had a dollar for every girl who wanted to marry him we could put him through college! We are not ok and every moment without our son is a struggle for us.

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