Canned food dating codes

So, the date is there, really, to protect the reputation of the product. Below is an example of a date on the bottom of a can.

The date is not past on this particular image and is used as an example of such a date only.

The family who donated it thought it to contain plum pudding, and had used it for many years as a door-stop!

Another donated can contained roast mutton, dated 1849, part of another long voyage, an expedition to search for the missing Captain Sir John Franklin, who was overdue from his trip to the artic to find a northwest passage, the same purpose of the expedition above.

For example, canned soup will have expiration dates more often than canned veggies.

Certain Consumer Reports offerings are not available to users located in the European Economic Area and Switzerland.Although a canned food stored for a long period may be quite safe to eat, it may have undergone some quality changes which affect its taste, color, etc.The manufacturer wants you to get the food in the best possible shape, since if you bought a can that was safe, but a little off, you might not buy their product ever again.The oldest analyzed was a can of roast veal dating from 1823, manufacured by Donkin’s company, which makes it basically as old as any canned food can be.The veal had quite a history, being a part of the 1824 Artic expedition of Captain Sir Edward Parry, on the HMS Fury.

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The hydrogen found in the roast mutton and the plum pudding were thought to be the result of metal corrosion.

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