Celebrity women dating shorter men

However, there are women who prefer short guys and have some valid reasons to do so.You will notice that tall women love short men most of the time making the couple look all the more mismatched in some cases.The color of the person does not matter the point of mater is the nature and abilities of the person.Color discrimination is quite a bad thing in the world which is believed by most of the people and needs to be vanished from the society as it is not a good practice.Whether we like it or not, a towering height does give you a lots of benefits.And a woman knows that she can use her height to her advantage by towering over her man.

Some women do fancy tall men and make no secret about it.

FAMOUS TALL MEN SHORT WOMEN CELEBRITY COUPLES Here are some reasons why women like shorter guys : It is easier to intimidate them Women like to play mind games.

When a guy is short by height, he is easier to intimidate.

But guys who are short know that they have to be smart in order to survive.

Many women feel that shorter guys are smarter in general.

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