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Apple’s cars can only travel 1.1 miles before human intervention is needed.

That number is staggeringly low compared to Waymo’s 11,154 miles and Cruise’s 5,204 miles.

The game genre of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs) simulates a large ecosystem of a variable number of players competing in persistent and extensive environments." See the above links for code, info, and an academic paper going into more detail.

Apple slashes robo-ride project: Apple confirmed it is laying off 190 employees from its AI-powered self-driving car team.

"In recent years, multiagent settings have become an effective platform for deep reinforcement learning research," Open AI explained this week.

"Despite this progress, there are still two main challenges for multiagent reinforcement learning.

V-2 continued southbound and came to a final rest approx 3/10th of a mile south of the collision.

The driver of V-2 was pronounced deceased on scene.

The agents are rewarded for staying alive in the game for as long as possible.Rumors that its autonomous car division – a highly secretive internal effort dubbed “Project Titan” – was shrinking began swirling in January.Since then, Silicon Valley-based Apple has filed a letter to the California Employment Development Department, detailing that 190 unlucky bods will be jobless by mid-April.It is unknown right now if Tesla’s Autopilot function was enabled during the crash, though two federal watchdog – the National Transportation Safety Board, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – are investigating.If the software was active, it would not be a dissimilar situation to the one in 2016 when a driver died after he and his Tesla Model S's Autopilot system failed to notice a truck and smashed right into it. Massive Mozilla voice data dump: If you’re looking to train a neural network on speech recognition, there are some new voice datasets that were released by Mozilla last week.

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