Christian youth skits dating

The sketches are designed to make your audience laugh out loud, and at the same time look inwardly at themselves.

Discover what happens when we really "fall into sin"; when men and women have their roles reversed in marriage; or when a gift of a Bible is presented without any strings attached.

30 pages flexible cast Everyone is sure to THINK THANKS when you stage this easily produced Thanksgiving program which includes a narrator's part, musical suggestions, recitations, choral readings, audience participation, and two plays for performers, tots to teens. " is for younger children who answer the question with pictures and rhymes.

"I'm the Victim Here" teaches friendship is more important than petty disputes.

"Charades" has a good lesson on setting the right priorities in our lives.

Your audience will laugh as Angel, with cell phone and trumpet, takes center stage when he interrupts a worship service.

He can't wait to announce that Jesus is coming "Soon and Very Soon." Kyle does not want to have a "Change of Plans," but when his vacation reservations are cancelled, his date threatens him with bodily harm, his car is repossessed, and some crazy relatives want to visit, he thinks maybe God wants him to go on that mission trip after all!

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