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When the riots started, some of my playmates offered to put a '' Soul Brother'' sign on the lawn below our house so the mob, like the angel of death, would pass this Jewish family by.

On the worst night, after a white doctor we knew almost died -- smashed with a brick on his way to the hospital -- the co-leader (with my mother) of the local Girl Scout troop, a black woman named Betty, offered to pick up my older brother.

Downtown Cincinnati has had its troubles, but it never became a ghost town.

The department stores closed, but hotels and a convention center and a lovely addition to the public library were built.

The Weston Art Gallery Archive and Library is an active collection documenting the presenting program of the Cincinnati Arts Association's Alice F. The Archive's mission is to increase the longevity and awareness of their artistic output and to promote the critical understanding of their work and the Cincinnati arts community.

The city's past as a pork shipment center has been put to use in creating a tacky, but memorable, city ''brand.'' There are flying pigs at the entrance to the riverfront park.

Now the whole area is boarded up and littered with broken glass.

After the riots in 1968, the two synagogues in our neighborhood packed up and resettled in the pale suburbs.

We lived -- my parents still live -- in North Avondale, a liberal paradise, as I've come to realize.

It was lower- to upper-middle-class and black and white, with subtle boundaries, to be sure -- but we all went together to elementary school and played in each other's backyards and basements.

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I often think that Marge Schott, who shocked everyone with her pro-Hitler remarks a few years back when she still owned the Cincinnati Reds, most likely came by her ideas innocently in a community so sealed off that the views of the 1930's German Bund went unchallenged.

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