Codependent dating

One key sign is when your sense of purpose in life wraps around making extreme sacrifices to satisfy your partner's needs.

"Codependent relationships signify a degree of unhealthy clinginess, where one person doesn't have self-sufficiency or autonomy," says Scott Wetzler, Ph D, psychology division chief at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

The first step in getting things back on track is to understand the meaning of a codependent relationship.

Experts say it's a pattern of behavior in which you find yourself dependent on approval from someone else for your self-worth and identity.

This is supposed to happen after the honeymoon phase.

For codependent relationships, it almost always never happens.

There are lots of ways to change a codependent relationship and get your life back on an even keel.trying to conform to their partner's wishes." Giving up your own needs and identity to meet the needs of a partner has unhealthy short-term and long-term consequences."You can become burned out, exhausted, and begin to neglect other important relationships," Burn says.However, handling a codependent person involves more than just getting him to change; it also involves a certain level of distance on your part.Lynda Moultry Belcher is a writer, editor and public relations professional.

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