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Some members of the opposite sex will really be taken with you just as others will immediately turn away, for reasons that are not even clear to that other person, let alone to you. My first experience with a literary rejection came when I was a freshman in college and sent in a poem to the Nassau Literary Magazine. No way.” “No fear” isn’t just a Millennial motto for the adventurous. I know all this, yet yesterday I got hit with 1 of the 5 professional fears and responded 180 degrees opposite of what I know to do in such situations.It was their practice not only to reject undesirable material, but to mark the rejections. I sent the same poem into the same magazine in my senior year, and it was published. The fear of success Not surprisingly, most (not all) successful individuals initially assume they are the exception to the rule. I still believe “No fear” is a way of life, but it’s an imperfect way.If the odds are long, that is not a reason for not trying; it is a reason not to be discouraged by failure. It means that even if you have been ignored, there need not be anything wrong with your resume. Sending in a couple of hundred resumes shifts the odds in your favor.For instance, sending in a resume in response to an advertised job has been studied. Similarly, like my patient who used to visit Las Vegas, if you ask out enough women, you will be successful occasionally.I would not recommend this approach to anyone; but on occasion—more than a few occasions—it worked! Some of these professional writers had papered their rooms with rejection slips.(which are very small, so that a great number of them are required.) Every writer consoles himself/herself with stories of famous writers who have had their acknowledged masterpieces (acknowledged later on—sometimes posthumously) turned down over and over again.

An unsuccessful job interview does not feel so bad if another one is scheduled for tomorrow.3.There are simply too many such incidents to list here.(I used to keep such a list until I ran out of space.) Consequently, I have learned from writers what is required to cope with being rejected over and over and over again. Know ahead of time what the chances are of a particular effort being successful.Being published did not make me feel much better, I discovered. Every time we give into fear, we need to humbly acknowledge it, remind ourselves what to do next time, and then move toward that “next time” as quickly as possible. Instead of seeing a rejection as an end, see it as the beginning of the next attempt.Those writers who are published eventually often come to the same conclusion.(c) redric Neuman 2013. Neuman's blog at Thanks for this helpful article about how to cope with rejection. When knocked back, instead of feeling down, have pride and confidence that you do not allow rejection to stop you getting what you want. Sometimes receiving several rejections mean you're doing it wrong.

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