Cuban dating etiquette

His colleague, Roberto de Jesus Quinones, of Chrisitan faith, argues that marriage is a natural way to create family although today other means exist.

"The option to choose or not lies with the people," he insists.

"Usually young people think marriage is more responsibility and if you do not have enough to provide for one person, how are you going to provide for two? For some years now, Cuban couples have lost the incentive to sign a marriage certificate.

In Cuba, marriage allows couples the ability to purchase things that you wouldn't normally be able to buy, at a discounted price. Maria, who lives in Camagüey, and preferred to keep her last name anonymous, married twice to be able to drink beer for New Year's.

So be sure to pick up a small phrase book and practice a few lines on your local hosts, or at least consider the following tips.

And if they can have a room in their parents and grandparents house, that's a privilege.

(may YAH-moh…)” for My name is…: And if you want to get the bill, for example at a restaurant, just say “La cuenta, por favor” (lah KWEN-tah pohr fah-VOHR).

And of course, if you ever get stuck, I don’t speak Spanish is “No hablo español” (noh AH-bloh ehs-pah-NYOHL), although they likely will have figured it out by then!

Mustelier, another factor that affects legal unions.

"They are deeply rooted in patriarchal customs and the man tries to exert power over the couple and it is difficult," adds Marcia, who right now, with a teenage son, prefers to feel independent.

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Cuba is among the countries that does not allow gay marriage.

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