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You need to ensure all users have synchronised to the master, then they must do nothing in terms of data input/changes until you have had your changes to the master installed, then issue all users with new replicas - their old ones will not synchronise with the new master.

You cannot copy a master, the copy will be a replica.

So in the scenario above, you would need to have Access 97.

Your 2nd link describes how to convert a replicated d B to the accdb format.

If they are still using it, then you will need to get yourself a copy of Access 2003 and develop in that.

Doing development work on replicated db's is complicated.

It seems like a very old function that was solved after Access 2000. Even with all my Access experience, I've never come across the need to replicate a database. I'm not even sure how a database is replicated to begin with.Here is another The replicated db will have a number of 'replication columns' in all replicated tables using a replication ID datatype plus a timestamp or two - can't remember offhand.To dereplicate, you will need to create a new db, then copy all objects across, then delete these replication columns in all the tables.

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