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Tennessee’s standards have kids learning some concepts in an earlier grade than their parents did.As a parent, you don’t need to be completely confident with the lesson to help your child with homework.So, it makes sense to include this in your mapped curriculum information.One of Curriculum Trak’s most recent enhancements allows teachers, curriculum directors, textbook committees, and even other schools in the Curriculum Trak community to become more aware of the primary texts of any course...As outlined in our Strategic Plan, we believe all students benefit from high-quality instruction and high expectations each year, in each subject and in each classroom.In addition, we are committed to preparing students to be competitive after school in college and career.

The main goal of these lessons is to provide the students with the understanding of how to have multiple robots communicate with each other towards the accomplishment of joint sensing and actuation tasks.

Curriculum mapping is laying out the learning journey that we plan to take a student through, from preschool through graduation.

In mapping, we value what our teachers are doing, and we are creating an asset for the school.

Our basic language consists simply of a general string.

We include in Robot C new instructions to send and receive a general string of limited number of characters.

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