Dating a college athlete dating a reformed alcoholic

Justin Rabon and Brad Neumann have both written essays for Out Sports detailing how they kept their sexuality hidden while growing up amidst homophobic comments from their families and classmates.“Peshtigo High School in Northern Wisconsin was a place where being gay was the punch line to almost every joke, and coming out would have alienated anyone beyond belief, especially if they were gay and an athlete,” writes Brad.Looking back, she was definitely her true self from the beginning, which is something I’ve come to love and continues to give us a good laugh to this day. Although this isn’t easy and has tested our relationship immensely, we have grown so much together and have great appreciation for our joyful times.

A unique aspect or quality of our relationship is that we are much more than just friends, best friends, or even boyfriend and girlfriend.No matter the subject, I was always intrigued and present. I was definitely feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness.We always had something to talk about and we quickly found out that we had so many things in common: our love for Christ, exercise (we were both Division 1 college athletes), desire for adventure, books, movies, the importance of family and friends — even our future ambitions and goals in life lined up. Part of me was trying not to let myself get too hopeful in case it didn’t work out.If it wasn’t for our strong communication and ability to be fully transparent with each other, I strongly believe that there is no way we would still be together or on the path toward marriage.Nothing makes us happier than hearing about Bumble success stories.

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Thankfully they were super accepting and understanding, even though lots of awkward conversations and tears were exchanged.” And that first person he came out to was Brad—who he’d known from athletic competitions—and they’ve now been dating for two years.

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