Dating a missionary kid

It’s the every day, simple people like you and me who let God completely guide their steps who He uses to do great things–here, or far away.If you are feeling low on faith or have never read much about the missionaries of the past generations, I hope the stories of these fourteen missionary heroes and their companions will inspire you like they have inspired me every day.Every week since we've met we have seen each other 2-5x a week, and I still can't get enough.I feel so damn comfortable with him, like I have known him for much longer? But this guy, I find him 10/10, and suddenly, I feel like I am not pretty enough, not good enough, even though I know I am a catch, a 10/10 to some.

Curled up around our trusty wood stove, we soaked in the words and the life experiences of some of the greatest heroes of faith: missionaries. Hudson Taylor, “Ai-weh-deh“, Mary Slessor, and many other lesser-known missionaries were familiar names in our home, almost like family friends.Judson would spend the next nearly forty years of his life living among and witnessing to the Burmese people.Until her death, Ann was the friend of many and even more fluent in the Burmese language than her academically inclined husband. He was imprisoned and tortured, but he never gave up on his God-given calling to reach Burma for Christ.So I started going to fitness this week, which I have only tried a few times in my life, but now I am so motivated to be the best version of myself for him.Suddenly I notice my cellulite and am trying to get rid of it.

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