Dating a party girl

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A couple weeks ago, I braved the bloody battlefield that is love in New York’s nightlife scene, to find out if a party boy could be tamed. Girl #4: Veronica* Veronica* (named changed for anonymity, again), an advertising executive, considers herself a retired nightlifer--proof that some party girls can indeed be tamed.Like a nice, juicy hot dog, he’ll be 100% real beef, 100% of the time. We (Oath) and our partners need your consent to access your device, set cookies, and use your data, including your location, to understand your interests, provide relevant ads and measure their effectiveness.Maybe it is our own inability to see our moms dancing on a bar stool that is clouding our judgments, for that I cannot be certain. A question you must ask yourself first, in order for any of my advice to be of use.Do you think it is your “party habits” that have gotten in the way of you having a meaningful relationship?

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