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Like the Polynesian and the Longbody Capri, above, it has one pickup selector switch, two knobs and a single pickguard; unlike them, it has the f-hole soundhole, which was featured on most 325s of that era. This early 345 model differs from the 335 in that it has an extra “middle” pickup. This early example of Rickenbacker’s foray into the world of electric bass guitars would be the template on which the 4001/4003 line of basses would be built, with only a few fundamental structural changes through the present day. This stunning example is in excellent shape with beautifully flamed maple wood front and back. 1960 Rickenbacker Combo 450 in Fireglo with gold metal pickguard and silver metal truss rod cover stamped with “Rickenbacker” logo in excellent condition. This particular guitar also comes with the sax strap (see photo). The badge on the bass horn is a custom nameplate from a previous owner. It also has the “sax strap” ring on the back, common to the 400-series Combo models. 1958 Rickenbacker Capri 330 in Mapleglo; original body finish, neck refinished; refretted padauk fretboard; roller bridge and trapeze tailpiece; original case.

Another guitar from the early run of a few prototype full-scale Capri models made by Rickenbacker in 1957.A few Rickenbacker guitars in the early-to-mid ‘60s were produced with the Sceusa neck; it was then discontinued.(See Rittor Music book, page 95.) Ac’cent vibrola and roller bridge, oven knobs, gold guards and TRC.Apart from the pro refinish, this guitar is in original condition with period correct components and an OHSC. This one-of-a-kind guitar was developed in late 1957 and likely designed by Rickenbacker designer Roger Rossmeisl, combining features of the 325 Capri and the Combo 850, and with no serial number on the elongated jackplate.This “transitional” Rickenbacker guitar has features found on the Combo 850 model, such as the “German carve” indent on the front of the body.

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