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When you are dating, whether you are 16 or 60, you still feel like a teenager.

You’ll experience the same excitement of wondering as you did when you were young. The purpose of flirting is to use body language and non-verbal communication to get men to take a risk to meet and talk to you.

These are my four basic flirting tips that work like a charm, every time!

These tips seem so simple, you might be thinking, “Come on Ronnie, do these tips really work? Any woman can put these techniques to work and have success immediately to get more male attention.

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Keep in mind that while one behavior may not be a reliable indicator, putting it all together can help you to determine if he’s interested in you and might be receptive to a little flirtation.

There is a tremendous misconception about falling in love in mid life.

Somehow, many women got the idea that it suddenly takes on a more mature or adult-like manner.

when If you’re dating after 50, flirting will help you connect with men and find true love.

Read on to learn how easy and fun flirting really is!

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  1. There is a high chance that she will refuse,but this is a common dating behaviour to check to see if the man is serious about the date or not.