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These were completely stripped down to bare frames. 50 ounce H(heavy magnet) 75hz bass response, 12 inch special design aged cone, small dust cap with vintage correct doping, spider, and voice coil tolerances. My estimation is early 1968, the first g12m series. You can read where Jim Scumback from Scumback Speakers noted that these very same speakers( T1511) are the holy grail and he will never sell his pair. Although some of the rear sticker has been scratched making bits of information unreadable, a simple multimeter test reads between 13.00-14.00, indicating that this is a 16 ohm speaker, whereas the Celestion 1777 cone code denotes a 75hz speaker. Not recones, sound incredible, the auction is for a pair-Made in England, of course. when connected in mono or stereo pairs(or when the full quad is wired together) each speaker tests strong continuity and function as intended.

Cleaned, and then the magnetic gaps were checked with a gauss/flux probe, which measured just fine so they were PURPOSELY left alone. some people say these original magnets'sweeten with age' and after hearing them, I have to agree. If you would like insurance please ask for it and I will adjust shipping rate. A close recreation of the 102 003 Pulsonic lead cone, with the complex lower mids, robust midrange and clear highs this speaker cone produced. I don't blame him, I wish I could keep them all to myself. The speaker is sold AS IS: I cannot say with absolute certainty whether the cone is original, but the codes seem to indicate that it is. Shipping is flat 30.00 for the pair, which includes full insurance. THESE SPEAKERS WERE PHYSICALLY TESTED FOR PERFORMANCE WITH A 1978 MARSHALL JMP 50 WATT MASTER VOLUME HEAD UNIT WITH EL34 TUBES.

If you would like insurance please ask for it and I will adjust shipping rate.Better than any new Celestion that I have ever played through. The frames have a little oxidation which is normal for Vintage speaker frames. This speaker will be well-packed with insured trackable shipping. US buyers are responsible for any fees incurred when crossing customs. Pre-Rola T1511 Celestion Green Back speakers Pulsonic cones It really pains me to do this. This auction is for an original pair of Pre-Rola T1511 Celestion Green Back speakers with original 102-014 Pulsonic bass cones.I guarantee the speakers to be exactly as described and in perfect functioning condition or your money back. PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND ENTIRE LISTING* Up for grabs is this PAIR of 12" guitar/harp loudspeakers. As indicated in the photographs, they are cork gasketed with manufacturing code 17GA.Everything was replaced with all new AMERICAN components from the inside out. Paintings and some other items that are antique in nature can only be insured by a third party(cost starts at ) I do my best to package your item against breakage. Pulled these from a vintage cab we've had sitting around. It has a small cone repair but still sounds vintage and killer. Stan Specs Celestion Pre-Rola"Stan-Spec" specifications 16 Ohms. 0 0 1 145 832 Drden1 6 1 1021 12.0 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false Weber Stan Spec Speakers Pre-Rola Greenback Celestion Tone This auction is for a pair of Ted Weber Stan Spec. They are a custom order and considered the holy grail of speakers. These speakers will be well-packed with insured trackable shipping. US buyers are responsible for any fees incurred when crossing customs. This would be a great upgrade for your 4x12 or small combo amp. These are pretty rare and this was the last production run of the famous Rola Celestion G12 30s every made. These were tested in a Marshall JCM 800 4104 combo and the tone was simply glorious! AND AS THE GAIN AND VOLUME WERE INCREASED THE CLASSIC MONSTROUS BRITISH ROAR WAS DELIVERED WITH AUTHORITY. The buyer will be VERY satisfied with these speakers. Please note that this particular speaker, although sounding good, has been reconed at some point: the cone code reads W1009. Three of the speakers date to March 1971(CD stamp) and one dates to February 1971(BD stamp) Only one has the original label left on the plastic cover. So more hi-def pics can be seen here: Shipping for this great quartet of vintage speakers is only 50$.These are not simple're-cones' where as some people simply replace only the paper cone portion, but have been over hauled from the inside out. These are rebuilt, and pretty much new speakers again. However from time to time carriers will abuse a package or simply lose a package. We noticed one of the drivers was rubbing so I unloaded it to find these ancient things. The cab had a dark grille and we always thought these were minty vintage speakers underneath- simply because the cab always sounded great. Whoever did the repair used an ugly adhesive but if you can get over that it's worth the price I'm asking just for that one. These speakers are all over the amp forums and the web. They are the closest you will get to the Pre-Rola greenback tone. Two speakers are missing the celestion sticker labels. Guaranteed as pictured and as described but otherwise no returns so check your amp specs before bidding. We actually have a NUMBERS MATCHING QUAD OF 4 SPEAKERS FROM THE SAME CAB! This PAIR of speakers will be professionally packed and shipped in one box. ACT FAST TO GET A PAIR OR THE FULL NUMBERS MATCHING QUAD! Speaker weighs 13 pounds so I estimate total shipping weight to be no more than 16 pounds. The frame codes are clearly visible from the pictures. These speakers are the ever sought after Pre-Rola Celestion Greenbacks. Anywhere in the Continental US, fully insured for the price you pay.

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This is one pair of two that I have available and listed! They sound excellent with no coil rubbing and will exceed your ears expectations without question. uk`1d70f+For sale is a Rola Celestion Blackback speaker from the late 1970s.

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