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You could download tunes from the internet and fit your collection on a pocket-size player.MP3s transformed music distribution, creating industry winners and losers.But some questioned if we were sacrificing quality for convenience.

By creating smaller audio files, MP3s helped make music instantly available and easily shared.During a 2008 legal battle with other manufacturers, Apple acknowledged IXI as the first digital audio player.i Tunes made album sales obsolete and diverted up to 30 percent of remaining revenue to Apple.Rock legend Pete Townshend spoke out against the i Tunes royalty model in 2011, calling it a “digital vampire.”Now, streaming services like Spotify and Pandora are challenging the buy and download model of “traditional” online music stores, like i Tunes, and reducing musician’s royalties even more. Many musicians protest that streaming services squeeze their income even further than i Tunes.But as online inventories grew, brick-and-mortar stores began to vanish, along with the industry’s traditional business model.Traditional music shops offered limited inventories and hours. Online stores, by contrast, have virtually infinite capacity.

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The vinyl trend has made its way into cafes and public listening events.

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