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California’s laws used to take a much stronger stance on the intentional transmission of HIV.

The crime used to be a felony, punishable by 3-8 years in prison.

Some may produce no symptoms at all, while others may present mild ones that are easily mistaken for a cold or flu.

For this reason, ensuring your sexual and overall health means getting regular screening tests for common STDs.

Just how often you should schedule test days depends on your individual circumstances.

This is fortunate as the syphilis is incurable and can be deadly.If you are charged with willfully transmitting an STD you have the right to defend yourself.There are two primary defenses that may be helpful: knowledge and intent.What does the state have to prove in order to convict you for willfully exposing another person to an STD like herpes or HPV?California Health and Safety Code 120290 outlines the requirements: In other words: you must know that you have an STD and willfully engage in sexual activity with another person that is substantially likely to transmit the disease.

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