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It's a battlefield out there that women rule with the bat and flick of an eyelash!If you play it'll bite the digital dust, play it right and all happy hell will break loose for you.

Once your date has collected all the clues and found your hiding spot, impress your date with a wonderful gourmet dessert that you have prepared-- a sweet ending to a delightful evening! Your Lucky Day Date — Add a little flair with this date! He doesn't have to be Richard Gere (though that would be nice). This revised edition of Bill Mc Neil’s Ruth, Maris, Mc Gwire, and Sosa (“libraries especially will want this”—Library Journal) reviews the careers of each home run titan, with special attention to the record-breaking seasons.·Fun and frugal dates ·Romantic dates ·Sport and leisure dates ·Outdoor dates ·Splurge dates If you look for parallels in baseball and the Bible, you will find them! On This Date is a day-by-day look at important events in history.The Emerald Home Run is a true story which combines the Bible and a book author Steven A. Arranged by month and day, this book allows the reader to look up any calendar date and find out what famous events happened on that date and what famous people were born on that date.“Instantly,” says Janda, “I remembered Moses, who delivered the children of Israel after 400 years of bondage to the Egyptians.” The author reveals numeric mysteries, including how Revelation appears in Genesis, how the tribes of Israel in the Law of Moses are joined numerically to Genesis and revealed in Major League Baseball by the Gregorian calendar. Make a habit of going to bed with comfort food, and the only thing you'll find beside you when you wake up in the morning is a bunch of crumbs. Home Run collects the dramatic stories of some of those who succeeded in evading their hunters.And children will love the secret formula for multiplying certain number patterns into millions without a calculator! It's better to eat breakfast with the morning paper than with the wrong man. They are stories of great courage and endurance, not only of the escapers, but also those who helped them; the penalty for those who hid, succoured and guided downed airman, if they were caught, was death.

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