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Your date goes in for a kiss and you, um, don’t want those lips to land on yours.

A good, simple rule: Never kiss anyone you don’t want to kiss.

While this rule sounds silly or even nonsensical, the rule is rooted in a grim dating reality.

Do you know how many men and women end up going along with a kiss (or even more) when they have no interest in the other person?

It was nice meeting you, though, and maybe we will be bump into each other in the future.” Your date calls once, twice, or more after the last date, but you don’t want to see them again.

The kindest thing you can do is to think of your date’s feelings, even if you know that you are never going to go out with that person.

Say, “Sorry, I’m shy” or “I’m shy about PDA.” Your date will understand that you don’t want to kiss them, and they will probably go home and tell themselves that you are not interested.Too often, people go along with things they don’t want to do because, again, they don’t know how to avoid it; they don’t like conflict; they feel guilty hurting someone’s feelings; or they have difficulty saying no.If your date goes in for a kiss on the mouth but you don’t have that desire yourself, simply turn your face and let them give you a kiss on the cheek.After all, if this person is that fragile, he or she probably shouldn’t be dating.(They should be getting their emotional issues under control by reading and journaling, seeing a therapist, or talking to church or other professional staff.) I will share a few examples of common awkward situations in dating, and I will give you some concrete examples of what to say and do so that you don’t have to feel stuck or frozen when any of these things happen to you.

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Your self image and degree of guilt-proneness are at work, too.

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