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It seems a little bit more realistic than other dating shows.” There’s also an aspect of getting away from an increasingly negative news cycle.

“It is extremely easy and entertaining watching,” says Edward Morris, a fan from London who has watched every season.

The producers consistently set up scenarios to mock the Islanders, making them look stupid, presumably so viewers can feel superior.

For example, last year after a group of female contestants got confused about Brexit, a clip of one asking, “So does that mean we won’t have any trees? Not only did it make her look like an idiot, but it gave viewers (most of whom are probably just as confused about Brexit) something to laugh at.

Any contestant who isn’t paired up at the end of an episode is evicted, essentially because they couldn’t keep someone interested.

“ ‘Love Island’ really blows that apart.” The story is dictated by what actually happens, rather than a specific format. “You really don’t know what’s going to happen in any given episode, or even in any given act.” Erin Riley, who watches in the United States via Hulu, says she’s not usually a fan of reality TV, but she’s hooked on “Love Island.” “I feel like I’m going through the contestants’ journey along with them — seeing challenges, re-couplings and breakups almost in real time instead of three months later after producers have chopped up the footage to edit the story lines.

Will the show, which has been dogged with controversy in Britain, become a favorite in the United States as well?

Consider it the Love “Hunger Games.” On the set, everything is amped up to get the most drama.

What am I actually doing, going out five nights a week and partying? This is not what life’s meant to be about,’ ” says Crowhurst, who’s now 24.

In 2017, shortly after she was on the show, Crowhurst was arrested and charged in connection with drunken driving.

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This common obsession is “Love Island.” The series, originally known as “Celebrity Love Island” when it aired in the mid-2000s, was rebooted a few years ago and has since captured the hearts of fans in Britain and globally. edition on CBS starting July 9, is more extreme and interactive than your average reality TV show.

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