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Ultimately, however, the network also cited the show's low ratings as part of the reason for the cancellation. The pair even managed to stay in touch after the series.

Jenkins wound up hastily marrying swimsuit model Jasmine Fiore a few days after Hauserman sent him home from the competition — and after only 48 hours of knowing Fiore herself.

Then-28-year-old model Jessie Nizewitz was wrestling with her date on the beach — as you do — when viewers noticed a clear flash of her crotch area.

According to , Nizewitz quickly became the target of ridicule across social media, and filed a lawsuit against VH1 owner Viacom along with two of the show's production companies on August 19, 2014.

there's no denying that those reality shows have figured out a winning formula when it comes to sticking around for years and years.

Things can go wrong on set all the time, and when dealing with regular amateurs instead of professional actors or experienced showbiz vets, that risk is even greater.

Rockwell judged each of the women, while the women themselves never even saw his face.

The producers of said they were "reviewing all vetting procedures" after discovering they had allowed a man with a violent past onto the series, but the show was quickly canceled after the news of Jenkins' murder/suicide.reports that Rockwell's ex-fiancee had filed a restraining order against him 10 years prior for domestic abuse.What's more, it turns out that Rockwell may not have even been a millionaire at all.While he argued that his contract should protect him from being kicked off the series, producers reportedly told him, "We didn't think to put in the contract, 'Do not s*** on another cast member." Live and learn!, 17 women competed to win the affections of the allegedly wealthy Rick Rockwell, entering various contests lifted straight from beauty pageants, including the infamous swimsuit competition.

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