Dating my antique pot bellied stove

Still all in all there is nothing like a real genuine American vintage old turn of the century pot bellied or old time parlor stove.

You may put a real genuine cast iron unit back into solid action – after all that was its purpose and function as a heat furnace for an area or perhaps you will determine that in the case of what you know you is an older sheet metal unit that while it may not have safe use as a furnace but spiffed up it sure may add to any room or home as a center point decorative antique.

Next step before installation or perhaps a retrofit is to verify all is in order for installation or if the heating unit was in place , but not used as heating appliance for some time to ensure that local building codes are met for fire safety.

Take the time and attention to detail to measure the clearances between the stove and the surrounding walls.

A turn of the century old “parlor’ stove or pot-bellied unit complete with mica doors and nickel plate foot rails adds a sense of charm and Americana like nothing else.

Unfortunately sheet metal itself, as compared to real cast-iron metal has a tendency to warp badly with heavy usages.

If your treasure is a sheet-metal stove then for more than decorative use you may well find that your found antique is not worth the restoration efforts and expense involved.

Yet the whole process has to be done properly and fully firstly for safety and fire insurance concerns and secondly for authentic presentation.

For the most you should remember design predates modern electronic driven heating system designs so all in all you are dealing with simple engineering and designing and this low tech construction and repairs overall.

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Your genuine antique to be had, may require nothing more than a simple coat of stove blacking paint or some panes of mica to replace the windows.

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