Dating old boyfriend

When in the room my wife immediately started to get undressed.Mark stared and told her she looked even better than he remembered.My wife and I recently had a conversation about the best sex we have had in our lives with someone other than each other.It was hot listening to Kristen tell me about how she liked to fuck my friends, and which ones made her cum the most. She told me about how one of past boyfriends would give her naked massages and caress her entire body before they would have sex.Once she was completely naked she laid face down on the bed with her head facing me.

Being the little sexual deviant she is she contacted her old boyfriend over facebook and explained the situation.When we were fucking she told me she wanted to see me with one of my past girls, so hopefully we can arrange that.You just finished talking to your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, and the two of you had a great conversation.She turned over and gave him head until he came in her mouth.I was so turned on by her comfort and the rhythm of their sex I don't even know if Mark was out of the room before I started stripping and fucked Kristens sloppy seconds.

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