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Even in the slightly less formal garden portraits, there appear to be very definite conventions on the arrangement of people within the group.I conducted a survey of one hundred group portraits from Gail Durbin's huge Vintage weddings Flickr set in which the bride and groom are clearly identifiable, in a wide variety of settings.An 1893 description of wedding etiquette includes the following: When the ceremony is performed in church, the bride enters at the left, with her father, mother, and bridesmaids; or, at all events, with a bridesmaid.The groom enters at the right, followed by his attendants.Another example of this photographer's work sent to me by Marilyn Mc Millan also depicts a wedding party, that of the double marriage of sister and brother Dorothy and George Hirst in early 1944.

Photography was used as a technique to capture wedding parties from as early as the 1850s, in the form of daguerreotypes.However, the location of the portrait - as co-sleuth Nigel Aspdin will be pleased to hear - is probably not, and it is an nice early example of the white bridal gowns popularised by the Queen Victoria and her daughters from the 1840s onwards.The introduction of the larger cabinet card in the late 1860s helped, but it wasn't until the popularisation of larger format mounted prints in the 1890s and early 1900s that studios commonly produced decent sized prints of large groups, such as this 1904 example by Joseph Perks of Swadlincote, in which people could easily recognise themselves.The happy couple (bright blue/red) are seated in front of this large group, with the best man and maid of honour (light purple), both friends of the couple, standing immediately behind them.The front row is dominated by the immediate family of the bride (pink), perhaps because both parents of the groom were deceased by this time, although his sister-in-law (light blue) and her children (pale blue) were present.

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