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Coordinating an NGO called Food not Bombs Kuala Lumpur (FNBKL), Fiqtry and six other people, including his band members, cook vegetarian food at the FNBKL centre in Robson Heights, Taman Seputeh from 2pm to 5.30pm and then distribute the food to the homeless and destitute at Jalan Bukit Nenas, Kuala Lumpur.

I heard about them from a friend some time ago,and it's amazing how dedicated some people are.

Terasa hilang segala masalah, duka dan nestapa bila terpandang wajahnya.

Tidak-lah keluar dari rumah hatta untuk membuang sampah di tong sampah besar depan rumah sekalipun, dengan memakai pakaian yang tidak menutup aurat yakni ketat, sendat, lengan pendek, baju atas punggung dan tidak bertutup kepala, leher dan belahan baju.

Charity work will always amaze me as it requires you to put extreme effort in order to make it work and also bring the effects that you want.

My father had warned me about this earlier, he told me that it was easier for a Christian to conver to Judaism, than a Jewish person converting to Christianity. Tidak-lah datang sesuatu tempat dengan berkenderaan sendiri sepanjang masa.He wants them to go to Jewish school until they have completed their bar/bat mitzvah.anyone has any suggestions as to where we can check out our nearest recycling center,other information about recycling etc.thanx! MCA Lifelong Learning Reading Club would be organizing a few others public lecture for general Malaysian public. Definitely hope to see more Malaysians making full use of such lectures.

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  1. The problem comes when I eat more because I have worked out hard and I’m hungrier, or worse, when I tell myself that pizza is okay because I just burned 1000 calories in a workout.