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Then, assess how much intimacy he's giving you. "I suggest observing and respecting any red flags you feel," says Wasserman."Real love is a commitment of sharing our inner worlds," says Love. Integrating you into his world and really opening up to you? "Slow it down and seek consistency, reciprocity, trustworthiness, and reliability.See if he nurtures your passions, dreams, and needs.Next, look for signs of codependency, or "a man so in need of love that he is willing to be and do whatever is required to make a relationship happen," says Love.While your partner doesn’t have to become BFF with your friends or family, they should want to spend time with the people you care about to become closer to them.According to Huff Post, Elisabeth La Motte, therapist and founder of the DC Counseling & Psychotherapy Center, said: No one should control your every move.Not only is it completely unhealthy to have someone dictate your behavior based on what they want, but it also prevents you from creating the life that you want.According to Psychology Today, you want to keep a lookout if your partner creates a wedge between you and your friends.

When a partner is mean to strangers (especially people who work in the service industry), their actions could hint at their future shortcomings.If these are in place, you have a chance of sustainable attachment."In any relationship, "time is the truest evaluation," says Love."Given the time and opportunity, people will show us who they are and their truest motivations.Finding a partner who you can be your complete self with sounds like a dream.Unfortunately, in today’s dating world, it’s sometimes impossible to even lock someone down for a single date.

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Have you dated a guy like this, and if so, did it last?

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