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When at home, the representatives of this zodiac sign may seem a bit careless, since routine household duties make them tired and they are not likely to be interested in the commonplace work.Many Sagittarius feel comfortable without a partner. These ladies are self-confident and self-sufficient even more than the majority of men being interested in how to attract a Sagittarius woman.

This is a direct path to internal disharmony, the consequence of which is either an open conflict or a cooling of relations leading to a split.However, there is also the other side of the coin: if a Sagittarius employee suddenly loses interest in her work, she can quit it without completing it.It is very important to have a flexible work schedule for representatives of this fire sign: so they can plan their time and not get tired of the task.The best advice for them would be to remember to look for a common language with a partner and not to accept compromises before they understand what is to be lost personally and whether there is something they are winning from.It is also important to mention that Sagittarius women, as a rule, are endowed not only with sensuality and emotional openness but also with an extraordinary intelligence.

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They are responsible and carry out their duties on the highest level.

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