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Season 3, Episode 9December 1, 2000Norm takes advantage of Shelly's competitive streak to score points with his ex by letting her beat him at tennis. Meanwhile, Danny's shaken when he goes rooting into his own family tree and unearths a relative he'd rather prune off the list. Meanwhile, Danny takes out his anger at Denby on the Internet.

Norm changes his childish views on Laurie's younger man (Johnny Galecki) after he falls for an older lady (Jo Beth Williams) with a disturbing link to the lad. Season 3, Episode 7November 10, 2000Norm tries to stay young by having a fling with a sweet young thing (Vanessa Evigan) after Laurie lands a college kid (Johnny Galecki).

Season 3, Episode 18February 23, 2001With Denby away on business, the homeless Norm has no choice but to use his boss's place to woo a woman (Melissa Errico) from his past. Season 3, Episode 17February 16, 2001Norm appears before a judge (Mills Lane) for custody of Denby's poodle's puppies after it becomes clear that Wiener Dog sired them. Season 3, Episode 16February 9, 2001Norm nixes his last chance at romance by bedding Taylor (Nikki Cox) to keep a jealous Danny from dating his former flame, Shelly.

Season 3, Episode 14January 26, 2001When Norm's video snooping finally drives Denby to quit, Laurie is given his job as administrator. Meanwhile, Danny has trouble expressing his “feelings” to Shelly (Faith Ford).

But her idea of family therapy nearly kills her clashing clients.

Meanwhile, Artie has a hard time swallowing Laurie's advice about his possible eating disorder.

But will he lose his grip after she makes a racket about his losing ways?

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