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The complete story is told in a new book which well be glad to send you. Bell Telephone Laboratories scientists have developed special apparatus to help answer these questions, for the telephone system is designed to meet the ear’s requirements for good Listening. It yno plan to m-DV-r-, ndli-Fy u* £1 Ir Ait 3n days |n advance yov wrill opt mini in ii«ue, Qiw both -Aid -and new add'clt***. He wanted to reproduce the monkey voices accurately for his movies, and a cage full of monkeys plus the recorder provided the answer. In the test pictured above, the young lady sits before loudspeakers in a soundproofed room with a small hollow tube, reaching just inside the ear canal. Single ropy Ip Ihe I’nll Ml Hlfl U-F iiml Cana- "l»i win*: i-ii Ti*i rl|il i.i Li i-iiuu L„ I ii NK- i SUiti'fl :mfb Ciinjul F. Pedal Violinist Even though he has only one arm, Luther Caldwell, a farmer of Columbia* Mo,, still plays his violin, Caldwell uses a pedal- operated rig -of tubular steel that rests on the floor in front of his chair.

The record is of non -breakable vinyl plastic, wafer-thin, Yet it plays as long as a conventional 12-inch record. Marlin's new bolt and receiver design is virtually foul-proof! | Naw catalog p Eut sontpfa pock Tho Marlin ffrearmi Co*. Still, wouldn't it be worth your while to sacrifice some of your leisure in favor of interesting home study —over a comparatively brief period? Very possibly they can be t Wh* not, like so many before you, investigate La Salle's modern Problem Method of training for an acco u n ta ncy pcfii Lion ? The only answer, as you know, is that success Joes come to the man who is really framed* It’s possible your employers will notice your improvement in a very few weeks or months. Send me without obligation, "'Account- ancy, tine Prof cm ion r Jt Jt Pays" training program — alio "Ten Years' Promotion m One." Name ... Other qualities w r hich Sabot owners like to point out are that it can be rigged in a matter of seconds, that it tows beautifully without any tendency to yaw, that it has a high resale value because it is a standard design and that it is one of the sturdiest of craft despite its small size and lightness. G*mp Healer, dr gio-Fo, Lq-bi^-ped with Slill Railt*. ]«** Slerl Pot *nr(wid in copper e Le* iptnt* In* lmloiat and cpriiu.-i', hoar. during research and development, for :m entirely new system of recorded music . , perfected by RCA, ~7fl& remar£a6/e ^ac Anfm/ne/ o/^ "Mac/am e JC" Now the identity of "Madame X," the u nknntin in a long search for tone perfect ion, has been rep eal ed. The other shows the Zimmer ly Air Transport plane dropping food, freight and sheep feed to residents up the Snake River nor- mally served by Mo Grady. He had trained thousands of pilots, for the Navy during the war and under the GI Bill since. Here*s the coupon that can help open the door to a fuller, brighter, more reward- ^ *** h ing future for you* fit AH ! INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS BOX S451-JC, SCRANTON 9. and Plumbing Count* H fcr Condi honing P H M lin H □ Pltufi Wnp □ Rilfia V Ilfon □ Slum Fitting Chtnmitry Counts O Ql*raicjl Ensinsfiini □ Cturruritry, Analytic*! — Wood, □ ft Aiding Snap Bluear,nli □ Sheet- Metal Drafting □ Sheet- Metal Worker □ Ship Dfaltine □ Shia Fitting O Tool Dangling □ Tnol making □ Waiting Engsnatring □ Wording— 6 ai and Electric Ballroad Courata □ Air Brake Q Cflr If Up Ktor D CUWl Locomtitiv* □ Locomotive Engine* □ Lko motive Firemia □ Locomotive Matfhimal □ road Section Foreman Slum CAp Inttrln B Counti P Hoilaf making □ Co mbiisti on Engineering □ Engine Aunning □ Manjna Engineering □ Sfe»m Electric □ 5 mam Encr. If a Sabot is capsized, which is possible if the boat is pushed too hard in a stiff wind when racing, it floats well and the crew can use it as a raft while awaiting help. t- -i'r - -u bam, yiehl te An QQ Ctanfai 1 MC BUFAtm FOAM RUBBER CUSHIONS Firrover ji y]* cl-prural GOGGLES K/« Aet Gld Tt (A? F ^'rv4i H^wi 4 iri Inth H ph3tart«4 with Pf*ud err kabii j.-id iim £«►■»- ■Wi r *-pl*£ fifrir '-"i Gennine G^sd^tir Airtaan 'Molded end preebtptd, Cflmen.1 or cur i.- Vt Hai V ar *L** tail tbtpn. * u ia 4 truck it■» r cas* «bj4 tu t*g |ii^i ud l* M*'. pp Ailfiid it mi fra* anrl pw Ji f n ftf A IH) Po 4J in-M ***** IWCMf i Je JJ ASHY Af R f UPte t VPIE. Brooks Dorothy E, Hoffmann Arthur R, Rai Et-on Assistant Editors, Shop Notes and Crafts W. 233 Clinic for Homemakers ----- _244 Other Items, cmd manufacturfrirs of ttvatiab U products described, arg fated on p a ges 10, T£ and id MAY 1949 3 ^Madame X” was the codv name. One picture is an aerial view of Mc- Grady’s icebound boat, the Florence. PYROIL for Aircraft Engines Use Aircraft Pyroil B for Lubricating oll r Aircraft Pyroil A for gasoline.. This was a tragic climax for a 41-year-old enterprising aviator who had organized Zimmerly Air Transport in 1934. As a trained man, there will be practically no limit to how far he can go* Now is like thousands of veterans who are cashing in on their opportunities through I. Do you have enough training to carry you to the top? pitas* iwtff m* luti DVUcli Jan ai HUl Ihe court* BEFORE which I have nuke-J X; Air Conditiflnln? Enginwlna P Induilfill Metallurgy □ Medima Shoo □ Mechanical Grading □ Mechanical Engineering p Maid-L^t Work □ Patter n njki n ? With the sail and leeboard removed, the boat is as safe as a rowboat. J J ■ « AIRCRAFT PILOT SEAT Th* AAT i JTt Cti B idrtf iihl-s nai 1 Ku J ■ if$ G 1 in^ii 1 Ijlc-ih jj HP* DOWN. teflglh of Service in World Wat II Splclll b HUpp raft? Anyone within driving distance of lake, sea or large river can thus enjoy sailing. When you are ready for a day’s sailing, you merely haul the Sabot out of the basement or garage, tie it on your car and drive to the nearest water. No rental fees for moorings or dock space are necessary.

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